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Top Five Big Toe Pain Causes!

Top 5 causes of big toe pain
  1. Bunions – a bump on your big toe or little toe, and your big toe may point towards your other toes. Usually caused by prior ill fitting footwear, so be sure to wear wide fitting shoes to accommodate the bunion and avoid high heels.
  2. Hallux rigidus – big toe joint arthritis, the big toe has limited ability to bend. This can come from repetitive stress from the workplace or some sports like golf or tennis can make you more prone to it. It can also come from stubbing your toe severely.
  3. Gout – do you wake up in the morning with pain in the big toe joint? This could be from gout which is a build up of uric acid crystals in the toe joints triggered by certain food or drinks.
  4. Sesamoiditis – these are where the two small bones at the bottom of the big toe joint become injured or broken from standing, pushing off or jumping activities.
  5. Turf toe – this is a sprain of the big toe joint ligaments and usually occur when the big toe joint is jammed. Athletes are more prone to this condition.
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