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Regular Foot Health Checks – How They Can Make a Difference

❤️Looking after a loved ones feet is really important as they get older. If they can no longer take care of them themselves due to mobility or other challenges, there are things you can do to assist them. 

✔️ Regular foot checks – checking the tops and soles of their feet for corns, callus, sores or signs of infection is key. As we get older, we may experience circulation issues, peripheral neuropathy or even certain medications, can make these issues more difficult to detect unless we’re actively looking for them. Check routinely.

✔️ Encourage them to wear socks and slippers or shoes to protect their feet at all times. The style of the slippers or shoes need to be fully supportive, and socks should be appropriate for the fit needed. For example, if the legs and ankles swell regularly, you can buy socks that have a comfy, wide fit top with no seams. 

✔️ Encourage them to move their feet regularly to aid circulation. This could be a short walk or if this is not possible, stretching out ankles and wiggling their toes a few times a day can make a big difference. In addition, elevating the feet can also help. 

✔️ Consider the use of a foot health practitioner like ourselves to routinely and correctly cut and file the nails and to regularly assess the feet for any issues.

If you need some one to one advice please call one of out foot health practitioners in your area, you can find their details here:

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