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Our Top Five Foot Care Tips – by Lisa Reddy

Simple tips to achieve Healthy Feet…

✅ Keep your foot file in the shower for a daily, quick and easy way to rid your heels of dry skin whilst you’re in there. If it’s kept in a cupboard it’s likely to never see the light of day!

✅ Keep your foot cream on your bedside table for a no excuse daily moisturise before you go to

✅ In preparation for soft summer feet, have a weekly foot soak in warm water with Epsom salts followed by a foot mask. Or slather your feet in moisturiser, then pop them in cotton socks overnight for a deeper, hydrating treatment.

✅ Consider the use of a nail oil or a nail protection treatment like mykored nail oil to care for and nourish your toenails.

✅ Keep your toenails trimmed and cut straight across to avoid ingrown nails. Use a nail file to soften any sharp edges.

😀 Follow these top tips as part of your new year foot care regime and you’ll have healthy, soft and gorgeous feet in no time!

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