identifying and treating athletes foot

Identifying and Treating Athletes Foot!

Do you know what these pictures are of? Dry skin, eczema, or just blisters?

They are all athletes foot and as you can see, they all look slightly different! Sometimes athletes foot itches, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it can burn, sometimes it doesn’t. Some people aren’t aware they even have it and simply mistake it for dry skin. There are a few variables in appearance and a variety of different treatments.

Athletes foot is contagious and is usually picked up from walking somewhere barefoot where somebody else has tread who is also infected. In addition, tight fitting and non breathable footwear may exacerbate the condition and prolong it. It can also sometimes lead to fungal nail infections if not treated in a timely manner. When this is the case, constant reinfection of athletes foot can occur.

If you feel like you may have athletes foot or a fungal nail infection please contact us. We can help, offer advice and support you on a course of treatment.

Don’t let athletes foot fester longer than it has to!!!




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