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Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic – Our Role

What is a Foot Health Practitioner?


Our foot health diploma allows us to care for basic skin and nail conditions, as detailed on the services page… we do a lot more than simply cutting and filing toenails!


When we visit you we will ask about your general health and any medications that you may be taking, this is because these can affect your feet and legs and may also affect how we treat the conditions presented.


We often refer patients to their Gp (with permission)  if we find a condition that we feel needs escalating for treatment, such as circulation issues or skin infections. My franchisees have an informed knowledge about diabetes and can provide a foot risk assessment which is not only useful for diabetic patients, but for any patient who would like to know how healthy their legs and feet are!


Who Can Deliver Foot Care?


The foot health practitioner role was introduced to help the increasing demand for foot care and so a more accessible diploma level of study was introduced.


As you age, it is normal to need a bit more help with foot care as you lose mobility, dexterity and find it harder to reach your feet. Only 5% of foot care is provided through the NHS, so this is where we fit in providing home visits!


The Titles of Chiropodist and Podiatrist


The traditional name given to those providing foot care is a chiropodist. Ironically the term chiro is the latin name for hands, and so it was often the case that this was a profession that cared for both hands and feet. More recently, the title Podiatry has been adopted, (pod being latin term for feet at least!). Both of these titles are protected, which means you can only use them if you have the recognised qualification, these days, a university degree. Many podiatrists work in the NHS or own their own private clinic.

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The Franchise


I set up Healthy Feet Franchise in 2018 and am proud to celebrate the growth of my network of fabulous foot health practitioners and podiatrists. They each have a a designated area of their community to serve their patients.


Each franchisee is self employed and manage their own diaries and data – giving them the freedom to work around their families and other commitments!


We are very proud to offer you the highest quality of care, we each use an autoclave to sterilise our instruments, wear PPE, and have the best tools and consumables for your treatment.


All of my franchisees are encouraged to continue learning, and Continuous Professional Development is provided to ensure that they are up to date.


Please speak with your local practitioner to find out more about how we can help make your feet look and feel better!

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Did you know that used stamps can still be put to good use for the RNIB?


All of our Healthy Feet representatives are collecting stamps from our customers so that this useful way of charity fundraising is not lost!


Simply give your used stamps (and ask all your friends for theirs!) to your local Healthy Feet FHP (Foot Health Practitioner) and they will send onto the RNIB.


We even have a prize at head office for the Healthy Feet representative that collects the most stamps!