Ingrowing Toenails & How to Treat Them

Many of our clients first contact us as they have concerns that they are living with the dreaded ingrowing toenail!

These can be at best a niggling pinch into your skin and at worst a sore, swollen and painful toe which has become open to infection.

The first question we ask is how bad is the toenail discomfort out of 10? If it is so sore to the touch, red and swollen then likely a 9 or 10! If this is the case then you need to see your doctor who will prescribe anti-biotics. This should resolve the immediate problem of clearing the infection and kick starting the healing process. After your course of antibiotics is complete then you can seek the help of a foot health professional, and as we have busy diaries you are best to book in readiness!

We all have similar, but different shapes of feet, toes, and toenails. The advice most people are given is to cut straight across, but a foot health practitioner would also file the side of the nail to create a rounded edge rather than leave to a point. Involuted nails are common, and these are when the side nail edges roll under, they can sometimes be managed by simply filing the corners and underneath the free edge of the nail plate.

Normal debris of nail tissue can build up and feel like you have an ingrown toenail, but the edges of your nail may just need a clear up! A professional will carry sterilised tools made for this and it is a simple task to clear.

Packing a toenail can sometimes relieve the pressure of a toenail which is prone to pressing into the skin. We insert a tiny piece of material which has been treated with an antiseptic liquid to the under side of the nail. If there is the space for this then you will not even feel it and it can easily be removed as the nail grows.

It is always best to get your toes seen by a professional if you have discomfort and have concerns about your toenails. The key is to see someone as soon as possible as the problem only worsens when untreated!


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