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Foot Care – An Essential Health Service

For most of us we may not think of home visiting foot care as essential – that is until we are of an age where we can no longer bend down to reach our toes!

But that is just one factor in why the mobile foot care service we provide can often be an essential service …here are just a few more!

The dexterity and strength in our hands becomes weaker as we age, so even if we are able to reach our toes, the use of nail clippers is not easy. Vision is often impaired, and the task of looking after our feet becomes more difficult.

Thickened nails are a common condition as we age and are another reason why the toenails can become difficult to manage.

Poor balance and posture can cause corns and callus, which are painful and uncomfortable when left untreated.

Skin and nail disorders need attention particularly as we age, when we have less resistance to infections treating these can prevent the onset of skin conditions, ulcers, or cellulitis.

Self-care and hygiene can be another factor as we need more help as we age to manage daily tasks.

SO! The need for foot care is essential and demand is growing as we age as a population.

By looking after patient’s feet, providing nail and skincare, we are improving their general wellbeing, giving them back comfort as well as improving their balance, and ensuring that infections are rare.

Basically, our visits mean prevention as well as cure, and the need to help look after feet has never been greater. This is why the service we provide is so valuable!

Ask your local Healthy Feet Clinic foot franchisee, please follow this link to find your local provider.

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