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Age UK

Here at Healthy Feet we understand how difficult it can be for those living on their own and that social interaction makes such a difference to an individual. That is why we are promoting the excellent work of Age UK and their befriending service.


If you know someone who would like a visit or phone call weekly from a volunteer then you can click on the link which takes you through to the Age UK website.


Volunteers offer an hours phone call or visit each week, and they make sure that the volunteer has things in common-although after a time there is always more to talk about!


So if you have a friend or relative that you think would like this opportunity to have a chat with someone each week then why not contact them…… and by the way, it’s a good idea to say that they are helping Age UK who are looking for volunteers to partake!


Do you yourself have some spare time-as you can imagine there are many areas that need more volunteers-it can be really rewarding, and it always feels good to give something back!

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Did you know that used stamps can still be put to good use for the RNIB?


All of our Healthy Feet representatives are collecting stamps from our customers so that this useful way of charity fundraising is not lost!


Simply give your used stamps (and ask all your friends for theirs!) to your local Healthy Feet FHP (Foot Health Practitioner) and they will send onto the RNIB.


We even have a prize at head office for the Healthy Feet representative that collects the most stamps!

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