Healthy Feet


My name is Debra and I own Healthy Feet Mobile Clinic, serving the Cheltenham area.

Since qualifying in 2011 I have seen hundreds of feet and look forward to helping your feet feel more comfortable!

Do you suffer from...?

Callus (hard skin)
Cracked Heels
Fungal or Thickened Nails
Or, are you unable to cut your nails?

The human foot is one of the most complex and neglected body parts and also the hardest to reach! It has been estimated that we walk three times around the planet in a lifetime! This is why so many of us need help in keeping our feet looking and feeling healthy.

In the comfort of your own home I am able to treat and "MOT" your feet. In fact many of my clients say that afterwards they feel as if they have been given ‘new feet’!